Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More on the Great Scissor Scamper

In this photo are some fun things.  The lttle red handled scissors are a pair of dog scissors.
They're really cute.  The little red square handled scissors I found on a cross stitch website,
the same website as the dogs.  In fact I think the pink polka dots scissors were from there
also.  I think I bought them at the same time.  The scissor fob on the bottom was purchased
at the Quilt Museum in LaConnor Washington.  The beaded scissor holder was purchased
in a little quilt shop near the Port Townsend Ferry Terminal.  For the life of me I can't remember
the name of the town.  Its leather lined and it is hard.  It's one of my favorite things.


  1. What fun scissors posts, Sandy! I think my favorites are the pink polka dotted ones (cuz they are like the green spotted ones that I lost!) and the pretty ones with a gold handle that have the heart in hand fob on them. How fun to read where you got your treasures!! Thanks for joining the Scissors Scamper!

  2. Wow Hoo! I've got a comment posted on my blog. Next maybe a follower. I thought your scissor scamper was a great idea.

  3. Love your scissors, I really think the little dog scissors are cute, I've never seen any like that.

  4. I recently ordered them online. I usually shop 123stitch but they may have come from another site.