Sunday, March 18, 2012

I thought I would add a little comment on my St. Patty's stitching.  I've had to frog several times.
I'm actually futher along than this but have had to STOP again.  I have the word March finished.
The chart called for black so I stitched it in black.  When I started stitching the dark green (DMC 500) you couldn't see the Black letters.   So I'm checking out the picture on the chart and I realize that even though the chart had listed DMC as a substitute for Weeks Dye Works that DMC 500 wasn't a good substitute.   So now I have to figure out what color to stitch the letters in.  So far I'm thinking about a color darker than his beard.  That just may be the one. 

Now my rant for the day.  I went to my local cross stitch shop in town today to buy some Crescent Colour Threads.  I have a short list of about 8 colors.  I looked online to see who carried that brand and they were listed.  They had it alright but it looks like they aren't going to carry it any longer. Not one of the colors that I needed.  All the drawers marked as Crecent Colour Works were empty. That is the second time that this has happened at my local shop.  Last time and it was only about 3 months ago I went in for 2 different pieces of fabric for a couple of projects.  One, a pumpkin that is stitched on a piece of fabric that was  violet.  I think the actual color was Wood Violet.  They had nothing in any stitch count, any fabric/aida that would work.  The other color I needed was a gingerbread color.  Same thing nothing that would work.  I am to the point that I just can not support my local needlework shop.  That is so sad.  They won't go out of business because they carry lots of yarns.

Hope everyone is having a great day and getting lots of stitching done!

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