Monday, March 26, 2012

Here's my second finish on the Lizzie Kate Basket series.  Its such a fast stitching project.
My only concern are the 2 white flowers.  Can you see them there right there where the
2 single gold x's are.  I thought about backstitching them with a very soft grey but since
there aren't any backstitchess in the series I think I will actually pass.  I'm going to start the
thrird basket "Atumn" tonight.  The alphabet stitches fast along with the checkered bottom
border.  Would you like to see a picture of the 2 together?  It'll be the next photo.


  1. Hi Sandy,

    Love your lizzie kate baskets and think the white daisies show up well. Look forward to seeing Autumn.

    Good start to your blog.
    Hazel c (uk)

    1. Thanks Hazel! I started the Fall Baskeet last night. Almost had the whole alphabet in when I discovered I was one row off. Luckily it was where I started this morning so I will be froggin the rest of the day along with laundry and getting ready for a weekend get away.