Thursday, March 29, 2012

  The Lizzie Kate SAL will be starting in less than 12 days now.  I ordered all my supplies on Monday from 123Stitch.  Their shipping is so fast that I expected the package in the mail yesterday.  It didn't make it.  I'm sure its now on hold at the post office.  We are making a fast trip to California for a retirement party and to visit with some friends we haven't seen in a good 20 years.  I picked a fabric that looks like the night time sky with come clouds.  Its a navy blue.  I decided to save my sanity I would grid this fabric out with one color thread and then stitch around each place where each chart will be placed in another color of thread.  I also bought all of the speciality threads to stitch it out with.  I was worrying about the threads not being colorfast and that problem was solved with the shoice of fabric I made.  I was so disappointed that my package didn't make it.  I've been bumed out all day.

Today it poured rain all day long.  We have had so much rain this fall/winter that everyone is just going nuts.  "We're sick of it"!  Its been so long since my Chihuahua's have seen the actual sun that they have taken to worshiping the heater dish.  One sits in front of it and stares at it and one of the others lays on the hardwood floor in front of it like she were at the beach sunbathing.  Seven weeks ago while in California the weather was so nice that my sister and I were walking on the beach at 8:30 in the morning with short sleeve tee shirts on.  Oh how I long for some sunshine and warmer weather.

Hope you're stitching to your hearts content!


  1. Navy blue fabric with clouds! That sounds so pretty. Hope you get your package soon.


  2. oooo the fabric sounds lovely and gridding sounds an excellent idea ...
    hope you have a fab time at the party (may even be back I am sooo far behind love mouse xxxxx

    1. Mouse the fabric came and its to dark without any of the white like the picture showed. I'm hoping the new fabric i ordered several days ago comes tomorrow. Otherwise I won't get to start on Monday with everyone else.

  3. I picked up my package at the post office along with the rest of the mail. I was so disappointed in the fabric. I sure didn't get the piece in the picture. What was I thinking? There isn't a bit of white or very light blue in the fabric. Even a couple of thread colors wouldn't show up on the fabric. So I checked for a close needlework shop but decided to go back to and order another piece of fabric. I didn't bother with the hand dyed fabrics this time. I wonder if I will ever find a use for that piece of fabric? All my threads came and I'm looking forward to stitching with Weeks Dye Works floss and Crescent Colours floss. I probably won't get my gridding done ahead of time but I won't stress over that.

  4. And a final update on my fabric for the 6 fatmen SAL! I got the last piece of fabric in the mail today AND its not very good either. I wonder what its like to have a LNS that actually has what you need so you could visit it? That's not happening at my local shop "Anna Cross Stitch"! She's all about yarn now days and fiber artists! I have nothing against yarn-I knit, crochet. quilt, sew garments! But when your name is Anna Cross Stitch you should be able to help your cross stitch customers-part of the time. Off my soap box. So I've decided after purchasing 3 different fabrics that I'm going to use the first one. Its a pretty blue and reminds me of a sunny day after a snow fall. The one that came today reminds me of the gloomy skies here in Washington State in the fall, winter and most of spring. So now I'll start getting it gridded so I can get stitching on it.