Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I learned to cross stitch in 1985.  I stitched for a good 10 years before I stopped because my eyes didn't
like the stress and I was having a hard time following a chart.  I then took up quilting.  I started quilting in 1988 (I think) and quilted until 5 years ago.  I still have tons of quilts to make and to finish.  Then I was introduced to basket weaving.  I still weave but not as often as I use to.  One only has so much display space and storage space which is very limited in the homes that are built in Washington State.  I also bead.  I made some jewelry but saw a beaded art doll and that was it.  I love the feel of a very small beaded object in my hands. 

So now I'm back to counted cross stitch.  This is my first finish so far.  It's a Lizzie Kate Chart Season Baskets.  This is Spring.  It's on a scroll frame because the plan is to stitch them vertically as one long picture.  But I tend to over think everything and I'm stalled.  I don't know if I should stitch around each one to separate them or not.  Maybe just boarder them all when they're done.  And I do still have th option to cut it and frame them separately.  The flash on my camea also washed out the colors.  Its really nice bight colors.

I think I've made up for not posting very often.  Now if I could figure out the whole blogging site so mine looks organized and pretty like everyone elses.  Hope you all had a great day doing what ever makes you happy.

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