Sunday, March 4, 2012

Its Sunday March 4, 2012

I'm getting a little better at posting on my blog.  Its still cold here in Anacortes!  I hope that spring will show up soon.  I'm really tired of the cold, wet weather.  I'm looking forward to my husband's retirement in a few years.  We'll be moving back to Bakersfield California.  We lived there for 13 years.  Mike took a job there at Texaco.  We then transferred to Washington.  I thought we would retire here.  That was the orignal plan but I just can't take the gloomy weather.  I love rain but not non stop heavy drizzle.  Any way.

On March 10 my brother's youngest child will be getting married.  Sharene is a lovely young lady.  She has met a wonderful young man named Travis.  They are a great couple together and Travis is a wonderful dad to Sharene's daughter.  I'll be having a house full of company for the weekend.  My husband (Mike) and I will be hosting a family get together on Sunday for Travis' and Sharene's families to meet.  Sharene and Travis will also be opening their wedding gifts.  With the help of my sister (Debbie) we've planned a nice light lunch for everyone.

I had a great start on my 1st cross stitch project.  I was moving along and had nearly half of the design stitched.  I was working on 28 count even weave cloth.  The problem with my choice was being very careful counting.  I thought I was but all the sudden I was off by 1 thread.  So I took out some stitching and low and behold there was another single thread mistake.  So what makes me think after very little stitching in about 12 plus years that I could start back in with sitiching over 2 threads.  Its much nicer but sometimes we have to start from square one.  So after frogging for awhile I decided to just start over on 16 count aida which I don't remember from the 1980's and 1990's.  The stitching is going so much faster and I'd say as of today I am at least half finished.  I've decided to  to work these 4 designs which are baskets, one for each season into a long picture.  WIth that I will be able to have it framed or make it into a bell pull.  I've been shopping on one of the online cross stitch shops and have found some super cute things to stitch.  For some reason I'm into the 4 season's and there are plenty of charts out there.

Happy stitching my friends,  I'll try and figure out how to up load some pictures of my older cross stitch pieces and the chart I'm working on now.


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