Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wednesday's at My House

On Wednesday's my friend Jo Ann from Mount Vernon comes to Anacortes and we stitch together.  We've done this on and off for the last 3 years.  Originally we made cards for Chihuahua Rescue and Referral where we met.  She was new to the group and we just hit it off.  Together we made cards.   We finally stopped making cards as we had more than we could ever sell.  Then we got together and would go to lunch, chat and watch "Hoarders" on TV.  

Anyway on Monday I worked on my 6 Fat Men SAL, on Tuesday I was sick most of the day and also tried to decide which chart I wanted to stitch next.  On Wednesday I just couldn't decide so I pulled my UFO box out.  It has about 6 unfinished cross stitch Santa's in it along with a set of 6 wool felt Christmas mittens ornaments and a sampler stitched over 2 on linen!  The mittens are complete except for blanket stitching them together.  I hate to blanket stitch because of spacing. I decided to pull out one of the Santa's and started working on it.  The date on the bottom of the chart is 1995!  When my husband and I married back in 1986 I started cross stitching a Mr and Mrs Santa ornament for us each year.  I have about a dozen.  In the UFO box are 3 more plus I've also found a set online and printed them out.  I'll never catch up but I do have a nice "collection" anyway. 

The picture is of the one I decided to finish first.  I don't have the red plastic frame anymore.  I'm sure I made the decision back in 1995 that I wasn't going to use it.  I'm thinking about making it into a wall hanging so I'll be going into that quilting fabric so some fabric! 

I hope everyone has a project their working on whether its a brand new chart, a SAL or a UFO!  I'm hoping for great progress on this one until Monday when I can again work on my 6 Fat Men SAL.
Have a great weekend, hope you all have sunny skies and warm weather!

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