Wednesday, May 30, 2012

6 Fat Men - May 28, 2012 Update

6 Fat Men SAL 5/30/12
I wish I could take a picture and it be straight.  I know one of my photo programs will do that but its not the one that the pictures open up in so...

I got a little tired stitching whitewash so I added another border.  I actually think I'm making progress.  I've started on my 3 skein of whitewash floss.  I think its Weeks DyeWorks.
I thought I would pass that on just in case anyone else has to order it.  Hoping next week to be able to get "Snow Friends" finished and then start on the empty frame which has a bigger house and you guessed it another snowman!

If you've been watching the news this past week you know that Seattle is having a really ruff time with senseless shootings.  Today alone we had 6 shootings with 4 of them not making it.  The local news has reported that the shooter was caught and that he shot himself in the head and died and then several hours later they changed that to he was still alive.  I just don't understand what is going through peoples minds.  Taking innocent lives isn't the answer to any ones problems.  Although they were talking that it may have something to do with a couple.  I have also heard that they think it has to do with the economy.  Over the last week we have had 11 shootings.  This time last year the news reported that we had 3.  That's to many too! 


On a lighter note this is a picture taken out of my sliding glass door in my backyard.  Can you see the redheaded woodpecker on the right tree about 2/3's the way up the tree?
We get many different birds here but this is one of my favorites.  He was huge!

My daughter and two of my grand kids will be here tomorrow for about 5 days.  I have no idea what well do for entertainment but we'll have to figure something out.  Maybe a ferry ride to Port Townsend or Friday Harbor.  We haven't been to either place in a long time.

Happy stitching!  Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress also!


  1. Darn, I think I might need to order more white silk :/ Good going on your 6 Fat Man.

    That's so cool. The woodpecker looks huge. Never seen one in real life before though.


    1. Veronica that woodpecker was huge! He was pretty high up too. I think Lizzie Kate's website said 3 skeins of white. I bought 3 and then bought 3 more because I haven't gotten that far to have already gone through 2 and on to my 3rd. How many yards to you get in a skein of silk? Maybe you get more than with the over dyed floss. Weeks Dyeworks only has 5 yards on a skein and DMC has 8.7 on their regular and their newish ones that kind of look over dyed.

  2. Oh, lovely, Sandy. I love woodpeckers, and they're not usually easy to find here. We have one or two in my dad's neighborhood (old neighborhood, as he died in ten), but no matter how I looked, I never caught one of them. I could just hear them. Your progress on your LK is looking good. The fat men are so cute!! Grats on the progress, and wow, that's a lot of white!!! Hope you have lots of fun with your daughter and the grands!!

    1. Julie I love wookpeckers too! I also love Blue Heron's and big blue Jay's. We also have lots of eagles here. I hsbr 2 birds on the bird feeders right now that I don't recognize. I guess I better go look for my bird chart for the Pacific Northwest.

  3. Congratulations on you progress! it looks great! I'm working on the same block as you, and you are much farther along that I am :O)

    Your woodpecker is cute! We have them here too but not that big!

  4. Thanks Katica! Are you tired of stitching with white thread yet? I had to switch to another chart because I was so tired of the white.

  5. looked again at the woodpecker I think that one is a pileated woodpecker they are huge and so rare and pretty. I had one sometime ago sure wish they would be around here more. Enjoy watching your progress on 6 Fat men. Good work I want to do that some day Can not decide on fabric.