Tuesday, May 8, 2012

6 Fat Men SAL Monday May 7,2012 progress

My progress seems so slow to me.  I know I say this every week.  I haven't checked the other 11 gals who are stitching along with me.  I should start another project but I'm afraid to start to many things at one time.  If I were really smart I would get out the box of UFO's from the 1990's and work to complete them.  I'll take a picture of whats in that box and post it soon.  The first chart "Snowed In" is complete except for the random white x stitches.  I'm thinking about stitching white seed beads there.  Anyone thinking about adding any beading to their snowmen?

Stitcher's Paradise 2

Stitcher's Paradise
These two pictures are my new charts that I bought at Stitcher's Paradise in Las Vegas.  I also purchased 2 magazines.  One is the 2006 Ornament magazine and I can't remember what the last was was.  I love the Shaker pin cushion and will have to keep an eye out for a chart that will fit it.  I almost bought the Shaker box that matched it but it was $149.00 and I decided NOT!  I do collect Shaker boxes and have a high school friend who makes them.  Her husband teaches wood working at the community college in Escondido CA.  She took his class and is now making her own boxes.  I have a new picture of one she just finished, I should also post it. 

Since returning from Las Vegas I've gotten a chest cold.  I actually never get sick.  The last time was 4 years ago when I caught that nasty flu going around.  We were in New York for 2 days and I was fine but the morning we woke up to start the cruise part of our trip (New England - Fall Colors) I was sickly.  During the cruise it rained and rained and rained.  It was so bad that the pockets in my rain coat filled up with water and melted my cough drops!  I trudged along and had a great time.  When we were at the airport to fly home they had a sign that listed to warning signs of this flu going around and I had all but one!  It took months to get over it.  I sure hope its gone soon.
And lastly this is a needle book that I stitched and its ready to finish up.  I haven't really decided how to finish it yet so it maybe sitting for awhile also.  Its a set I down loaded from a website.  There's also a pin cushion, a scissor finder and a scissor holder.  I plan on stitching them all.  I'll have to go to JoAnn's and get more of the DMC varigated thread.  I think I will stitch some of the pieces solid peach.


  1. You made great progress Sandy! I didn't get a chance to stitch last night cause I was just feeling ucky! I'm going to make up for it tonight though hopefully. GREAT stash!

  2. Thanks Barbi! Glad you're feeling better today and hope you get some stitching done on those snowmen!

  3. I think you're making great progress with the Fat Man SAL - it's a fun stitch.

  4. I think you've made good progress, Sandy. It looks fab. Have fun with your new stash :)