Friday, May 25, 2012

Season's Baskets Lizzie Kate

After 7 weeks I finally got this back from Michael's Crafts.  I'll be positive for a few lines anyway.

I love the frame and although I only wanted a 1/4" showing all around we had to go with a larger amount to get frame made for it.

So if you can enlarge the photo you can see that to the left of the Autumn basket on the edge of the fabric there's a stain.  Yes a stain!  Wasn't there when I dropped it off and it wasn't there 2 weeks ago  When I picked the picture up yesterday evening there wasn't a stain on it.  By the time we got home (it was 3 hours later) and I took the brown paper off of it a stain started to show.   This morning the stain which I'm sure is some kind of oil was twice as big.  So I went off to Burlington to show them what had happened since picking it up.  I talked with the store's assistant manager and the guy who did the finishing.  He told me the stain was on it when he started framing it but it didn't show when he put the picture together.  I really like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but someone in the store got oil on it.  Anyway they took the backing off and the stitching out.  They told me that there was no way that it could have come off the frame and that there wasn't any kind of "stuff" back in the work area that could have done it.  It amazes me that they framed 2 things for me in less than 6 months and screwed both of them up.  The assistant manager asked what she could do to make me happy.  I wasn't happy and I wasn't willing to put an even larger frame on it to add a mat and wait another 3 to 7 weeks to get it back again.  So I took my money back.  I have the frame and everything and will be taking the pins off the foam core and try to get the stain out.  If that doesn't work it could turn into a quilted wall hanging or if all else fails I could re-stitch the piece.  I never do anything more than once.  Well I have made 2 different quilts 2 times (they were lap size except for one which was a twin) but that is all.  I don't like to re-stitch charts over.  When I'm finished I'm finished no matter what it is. 

We haven't made any plans for the Memorial Day weekend other than:
1. Go to the dump.
2. Paint one of the guest rooms.
3. BBQ baby back ribs
4. Go on a bike ride everyday (weather permitting).
5. Go to the Farmer's Market tomorrow morning for scones and fresh veggies.
6. Stitch on my UFO from 1995
7. Monday I will stitch the day away on my 6 Fat Men SAL.

The weather is suppose to be nice again tomorrow but they are predicting rain for Sunday and Monday.  I just hate the gloom that is ever present in Western Washington.  I suffer from SAD
and its really hard to get out of bed on those mornings.

I hope you all have a safe and fun holiday!


  1. I like your finish and sorry about the stain hope you can get it out. It sounds like you have a lot planned for the weekend. Only plans I have are to play with my grandson (age 2) who is spending the weekend with us.

    I too wish our wet weather would go away for a while my web feet are starting to show again. LOL

    1. Robin, I wish my grandkids were closer. Both sets live 4 1/2 hours away in 2 different directions. My daughter and her 2 will be here next weekend. We usually have a big family get together on the 4th of July starting in the morning. My husband takes the grandkids and niece to Shell and they get to rid on the fire trucks in the parade. Then we BBQ and hang out until evening (okay night) and then go down to the water for the 15 minute fireworks show. Its short but good. Someday I'd love to go to Gasworks Park (okay not really) and see the big show in Seattle. I'm a kid at heart when it comes to fireworks. The town I grew up in in California always had a day packed with fun things to do. At noon and every hour on the hour they would shoot a huge fire cracker off until the fireworks show started. We had a great parade and a carnival. We rarely went to it. But they are good memories for me. Maybe that's why I love red, white and blue so much.

  2. I would be really ticked over the bad framing. I love my framer, and he's never messed anything up like that. I go to Hobby Lobby. I'm afraid the pins they use at Michael's would rust and stain the work. I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience. Hope you find another framer that's much better!!! And I can understand the SAD. I have a depressive disorder as well, and some days, getting out of bed is really hard. I hope you have better luck with yours!!

  3. Julie thanks for replying! I was wondering about the pins that Michael's uses. I did get a couple wet while getting the stain out. I'm going to take them out and replace them. Maybe I should replace all of them. This isn't the first piece of stitchery they has badly framed. My aunt Bertie gave me a piece that she needlepointed and I finally had it frmaed last November at Michaels' I knew I should have stretched it back into shape before I took it but though that they knew what they were doing. She gave it to me at least 25 years ago. I told her I would frame it when she gave it to me. Well its framed. There are wrinkles in it and the rows don't line up all around but I try to look at it from a distance and remember it was her's! Its a beautiful piece and hangs in my eating area of the kitchen because the real dining room is a sewing/craft/storage area room! I completely understand not wanting to get out of bead. One day last week I finally made myself get out of bed at 2pm. If I weren't married I would have stayed there all day and night. No wait I would have to get out early and go to work. But then I wouldn't be living here either!

  4. That's awful. So sorry that they messed it up. I hope you'll be able to get the stain out. I make it my policy never to stitch anything twice either. I have too much stuff I wanna stitch for that.


  5. Veronica, I did get most of the stain out. I will probably put it back together this coming week. I want to be sure that its totally dry first. I haven't stitched since Thursday and I'm starting to have withdrawls!