Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time for a 6 Fat Men SAL Update

I feel like I made some progress on the 6 Fat Men this week.  On Sunday night my husband went in for a sleep study.  And when he's gone over night for business or in this case his health I tend to stay up late.  Real late.  So at midnight (it was Monday then) I pulled out my project and stitched for about 90 minutes.  Then I was able to stitch on it later in the afternoon and evening again. 

It was amazing that there is nothing in TV on Sunday nights late.  I did happen across a TV channel that I've never seen before.  It has old movies from the 1980's and then some other old TV shows.  I watched this old movie with Bo Bridges
and Susan Serandon (spelled that wrong) in it.  It was about this crazy young man.  Of course I missed the first half hour which must have had all the important details in it.  I finished it and at 1AM The Outer Limits came on.  That show is as good today as it was back then.  I really enjoyed watching 2 of them.  Did The Outer Limits always have spaceships or aliens in it?

I went by Michael's yesterday to check on my Lizzie Kate Season's Baskets that I dropped off in April.  I checked 2 weeks ago the day it should have been ready and it wasn't.  So anyway it took 2 gals about 15 minutes to finally find it.  I was getting ready to panic.  I rarely stitch, sew or quilt anything twice and this would be no exception.  Finally she came out with it in a folder.  It had been pinned and the note with it said they couldn't get a frame 4 1/2".  Geez I wonder how long that had been sitting there with the note attached.  So I agreed to have them add a 1/2" to the width and the length.  She wasn't wanting to do the length but did agree.  I got a phone call this morning that the frame had been ordered and they had put a rush on it.  I've decided that from now on I'm going to be framing my own needlework like I did in the past.  It all turned out every bit as good as the job they do there.  I can even order the pretty frames and spend less money.  Why didn't I think of that the first time.  I'll have to find a place to have glass cut.  We have a couple frame shops in town and with the savings on gas I can get it here.

I haven't started on any new projects but continue to work on the UFO I pulled out last Wednesday.  I still haven't put the needle book together but did get more floss to stitch the scissor fob and the pincushion.

Hope everyone is having a great week with lots of warm weather and plenty of stitching.


  1. I'd be pretty ticked. Maybe they'll get you a discount since you had to wait so long. My framer is quick. He's usually done before the due date on it. Once he was late, but it's rare. And I've had him frame six or seven things for me. Grats on the progress you're making (and on pulling out a UFO). Can't wait to see some pics!

  2. Sorry about your project still not being framed! Usually what we do, is just order the frame from Micheal's - taking my stitching to get the right measurements, and then ask them to put it together as if there is something in the frame, and once its in, we will pick it up and then take apart the back and my hubby will pin and stretch my stitching, and then pop it into the frame.

    You've made great progress on your Fat Men, its looking wonderful!

  3. Great progress on you snowman block! Not so great about your framing though. Hopefully now that it's all sorted out it won't be too long before you can bring it home.

  4. Wonderful progress, Sandy.

    Yikes! I'd have panicked too. Hope you'll get it back framed soon.