Monday, April 30, 2012

Vegas - We're Home

Got home from Vegas about 6 hours ago.  Wow we had a blast!  Isn't it wonderful when you reconnect with old friends and its like you saw each other yesterday, nothing has changed you start right back where you left off.  We met up at our hotel and had dinner with Kristi and Jim's daughter Julie Ann and a couple of her friends.  Then we went and found a quiet place in the casino to talk.  Tip: If you don't go back to your hotel room you'll never find a quiet place to talk in a Las Vegas casino.  But we did find a place.  We talked until about 1AM.  The next morning we met up at their RV park and headed out for the day.  I wanted to go to Stitcher's Paradise.  Visiting with Jim and Kristi and Stitcher;s Paradise was the only things I wanted to do during the 4 day trip.  At first we couldn't find it even though it was still listed in the yellow pages on the Internet.  We finally found it and went inside.  It was already in the 90's but the guys decided to stay in the truck and talk while we went in.  I saw on line that this shop was rated as the best needlework shop in Las Vegas and I was not disappointed!  I bought mostly LNS charts that I hadn't seen yet, a bandbox pincushion  (I wonder if it has a chart inside?)  I didn't buy any threads but she had all the Crescent Colours threads.  The store was long and narrow.  She had one long wall filled with every kind of needlework thread you could ever want.  The small room with the linen and Aida's was also filled with threads.  I didn't see any cool scissors.  She had beautiful hand dyed linens and even Aida's.  I held off on the fabric because she sold it by the fat quarter and it was just to pricey to just purchase to have.  The ones I loved were $60.00 and $80.00 for a fat quarter.  I could get at least 2 good size charts stitched out of it or one really large one but I just couldn't justify the purchase.  Then we went and grabbed some lunch.  Went to the BassPro Shop.  Then went back to their RV for a little while and then headed down to the Strip to have dinner and some more chatting.  My husband who always takes lots of pictures took 2 of Kristi and I but they are still on the IPhone!  We also had a picture taken together at dinner.  It hasn't been scanned onto a thumb drive yet either.  We played a few slot machines and at  1AM we called it a night again.  The first night on the way to our room we stopped to play a couple slot machines.  My husband handed me $20.00 to play with and I stuck it in my pocket for Stitcher's Paradise.   As far as gambling goes I lost $7.00 gave my husband $10 of the $13. I had left and he won $70. on it and was so nice and offered it to me.  On Sunday we met at Jim and Kristi's RV for brunch at 11:00.  What a wonderful brunch.  Kristi was cooking for several hours.  We had fresh fruit, quiche, hash browns and scones.  Oh and we also had Mossa's(SP).  I told my friends before we left we were having Hermosa's for Sunday brunch.  When I told her I wanted another Hermosa she then told me they were the other.   So I asked is there any other drink called a Hermosa and no such luck.  So my friends here must think I cracked or they know I don't drink much.  After we cleaned up from brunch she got a few things ready for dinner that night.  They (we) were celebrating my husband's birthday which was a few weeks earlier.  Another great meal at the Hammer RV.  We stayed until 1AM chatting and planning another trip in the near future.  One the plane home I was so tired that I could keep my eyes open enough to look at my 2 new cross stitch magazines.  They are older (2006 and 2011) but they had some great charts in them.  I miss all the cross stitch magazines from the 1980'sw and 1990's.  I'm sure I've left out lots of things like the trip to the big outlet mall Sunday afternoon.
So its back to the real world so I'm off to bed!  Exhausted but so very happy!

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