Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life's Crazy

One Sunday afternoon my 2 granddaughter's found their 80 something neighbor in the back yard dead. 
He killed himself.  The girls are pretty upset along with their Mom and I think my son is too.  He always acts tuff but I don't think anyone can be tough through a thing like this.  He was a very nice man, always talked to the girls, let them pick fruit from his garden.  We found out that he was taking one of those prescription drugs to stop smoking.  If you have someone using this type of medication please watch over them.  This is one of the side effects.  My son took that same drug quite a few years
ago and almost did the same thing.  His wife stopped him.  The doctors just tell you to stop taking it and
it will wear off.  That's just crap!  I think what ever this drug is, it needs to be taken off the market.

AND my husband came from work one day last week and said he was talking to his old boss and that
if he offered him "what he wanted" would I like to move to Texas.  I love Texas and said fine as long as
I have the option at retirement (3 1/2 years) that we can move back to the west coast.  Then he stopped talking about going and did he really want to move so close to retirement.  I thought I was off the hook and was some what relieved but a bit disappointed.  Today when I came home from town he let me know that his old boss has offered him what he wants and will have a job for him in about 6 months.
YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!  Not sure about this.  We have a large home and its full.  We need to do some painting inside and he's wanting to paint outside this summer too.  Oh my gosh I will have to sort out my crafts and pack a lot of stuff away.  Anyone live in Texas?  Are there any great needlework shops there?  Oh my this seems really crazy for a woman who is close to 60.  Changing doctors, getting a new drivers license,  new friends and moving so far away from my family.  It will be fine - right?  Did I mention hurricanes and tornado's?  I guess I'm going to be doing lots of research on where to live and such.  I'll be posting along with way and any suggestions would be appreciated.  And did I say it will be in Port Arthur?


  1. ohh dear sorry to hear the upsetting news .... hope that they get some help to deal with this .. not nice at any age ....
    and eeeek re the move ..... can't help you with any info being on the other side of the pond .... love mouse xxxxx

  2. What part of Texas? I've lived in several parts of Texas and currently live in Amarillo. I love my Texas :) What med were they taking for quitting smoking? I've tried Welbutrin which didn't do crap for quitting smoking and want to try Chantix. Have to be very careful with all meds like that though. As far as the 6FM, Most of what I've done I had done BEFORE I started the SAL. I'm really struggling with the fabby as I've been a strictly 14 ct Aida gal before this. It sat in rotation for months and months before I joined the SAL and I got maybe 30 stitches done on my 1st day with the SAL, so don't feel like a slow stitcher!! I'm struggling with this piece fiercely!

  3. Oh my word!!! You have had quite a day!!!