Saturday, April 21, 2012

My 5 Chihuahua's...

I have to start by telling you all that someone wanted to see pictures of my 5 babies.  I apologize for not remembering who asked but here they are.  On the left are (front to back) Abbey Rose, Chloe, Belle and Milo.  On the right is Lacey.  She's a bit of a loner and wouldn't sit on the back of the sofa with the other 4.  These little dogs are very addictive.  I love each one of them but I have to admit I've got more than I can handle.  Having 5 dogs makes it very hard to travel unless you travel by travel trailer or 5th wheel.  These guys have more clothes than I do.  I volunteer for Chihuahua Rescue and Referral in Clear Lake, Washington.  We've fostered many Chi's over the last 4 years.  The foster Mom's are all teased because we normally adopt our first foster.  I can proudly say I didn't adopt a single one of my fosters but it was so close so many times.  But I did adopt someone else's foster.  The little black and tan Chi is Chloe and I did adopt her.  She was 3 pounds when we got her.  My husband feeds the "kids" and as you can see he over feeds some of them.  But she's still the cutest little thing.  I'm very fortunate in where my house sits on our lot.  We are back off the road so no one knows our business.  In the county I live in you can only have 3 dogs.  That includes dogs being fostered.  But you can have an additional 3 cats.  My husband and I are sure Chihuahua's are half dog/half cat so maybe we aren't over after all.  These guys seem to rule the roost most of the time.  Their barking has become a real hassle for us.  But luckily our neighbors can't hear them from the road or other houses around us.

Hope you all have a great day! 


  1. Oh they are just tooooooo adorable!! It was me that wanted to see a pic of these precious babies!! I have 5 doggies too. Our city only allows 4, so I'm 1 over. We have 3 "littles", 1 of which is a blue chihuahua, and 2 "bigs". I don't think I could foster chi's though as I would keep them all!! I have fostered larger doggies for our local SPCA though :)

  2. Shanda I'm sorry I didn't remember that it was you! Getting old isn't for sissies! It's hard to foster and let them go. We had one foster who had Gardia (sp) and some of mine got it. Its been several years and we still can't completely get rid of it so my husband put the breaks on fostering. I had some favorites for sure. One is still in rescue but he starting fighting with my little Milo and my husband finally said enough. We had him for a bit over a year. He's now living at my best friends and he has started the same thing there. She was thinking about adopting him but I think she shouldn't. He's been biting her a lot lately and that's just not good. If I didn't have any Chi's myself I probably would have adopted him. Its going to take someone special to handle him. He's possive. He was adopted but returned for biting. I should have know that it wasn't going to work but I wanted him to have a good forever home. We have another one just like him who's been in the rescue for 5 years or so. He's also a mix. They are both Chi and Doxie mix and male and that just isn't good when the Doxie is the dominating breed. I'm not sure that makes a bit of sense. Both Charle and Tuesday are the same mix, act the same. I fostered a Chi/Doxie mix male earlier but the dog was more Chi than Doxie and was fine. I guess its the temperment of the Doxie. I've also owned Doxie's and never a problem so its got to be the mix. Well I've gone on long enough!

  3. My mom had a Chi that was a rescue that bit her a lot. She sure loved him though.What is Gardia? My little Issabella has had luxating patella surgery on both her hind legs, but she is such a doll. She is starting to get a little bossy though. The last dog we fostered they thought had bad skin allergies. He was so pitiful. Even our vet, who is just awesome, thought it was allergies. Then everyone in the house got scabies. Took him back to the vet, showed him what we had, he did a deeper skin test and was mange...they were just deeper under the skin than the initial test. OMG, what a miserable few weeks for us and the dogs!! Yucky stuff on us and all the dogs had to be routinely sulfur dipped. My hubby kind of said no more fostering after that!! But, once the little puppy was "cured" she was adopted into a wonderful home!!