Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Here's the 3rd finish on the Lizzie Kate Baskets.  I have one more to go - Winter!  When I started with Spring I wasn't sure if I would frame each one separate or if I would do what you see!  So I went down a little bit.  I went down a lot once I  made my decision but then it was to late.  I was sweating needles while I stitched the last basket - Autumn.  I thought about how I could add a piece of cloth to the bottom without it being noticeable - ya right!  So once I finished the last one I stitched a basting line along my last pieces count.  I'm good!  I've got enough extra fabric to be able to have it framed.  I also got a coupon in the mail from Michael's for 60% plus another 15% off total framing.  So now I have to get this last chart stitched and then rinse it out and get it over to Mount Vernon before the coupon expires.  I have plenty of time.  I do have to make a trip to Mount Vernon to get 2 floss colors which I don't have.  Makes me nuts.  It happens no matter what "craft" you are crazy about; you never have what you need.  So I'll stitch what I can and run to town and get what I need.

Happy Stitching,  Sandy

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  1. Oh too true bags of DMC just not the right colour