Wednesday, April 25, 2012

6 Fat Men SAL April 23, 2012 progress

Six Fat Men SAL-this is my progress from Monday's stitching (except I had to do it on Tuesday)  I had an appointment for a haircut and we do have to consider our beauty!  The snow drift on the left hand side had to be frogged when I got 2 rows from the green border and realized I had about 5 rows to go.  I really didn't want to frog that expensive Crescent Colours thread but I had no choice.  I bought all of the recommended hand dyed threads to stitch this series.  I have to say there are several colors that just don't show up any better than good old DMC.  I have about 1 good stitching length of the Whitewash and then I'll be going to my 2nd skein.  I only bought 3 thinking there was no way I would need the 5 that were recommended.  Went online to to order more tonight and I couldn't find it in stock.  RATS!!!  I'm having a hard time only stitching on this project once a week.  I was happy with my progress this week.  Next week I hope to finish this chart and get another one started.  I also need to finish the top with the last word Heart! 

Today I started a needle book from  They have a set of charts for a pin cushion, scissor holder, scissor finder and needle book.  I have so many needles in the bottom of my stitching box that I decided I really needed a book for them.  I have a couple of them but they aren't cross stitched so they just won't due.   Did I mention they were free downloads?

Hope you all have a great rest of the week and find lots of time to stitch.  We have a "big storm" coming in so it will be really nice to be in Las Vegas for a long weekend with some old friends.  They aren't really old we've just known them for a long time.


  1. o.O I must have missed that somewhere... Did not realize 5 skeins of Whitewash is needed. Luckily, I think I should have enough floss for my project. I know I have quite a few skeins of BeCreamed (the HDF floss I'm using) in my stash somewhere.

    EMS designs are lovely. She's the first designer I stumbled upon on the internet years ago :)


  2. Lovely stitching. I must admit I usually stay with DMC but I tried Crescent Colours on my LHN The North Wind and it does look very pretty.The Marshmallow colour is so subtly shaded.