Thursday, April 26, 2012

Las Vegas ...

Here we come!  Tomorrow afternoon we fly to Vegas for 4 days to get to some warmth and sunshine.   Its suppose to be in the mid to high 80's while we're there.  We'll be meeting up with our friends who we just reconnected with about a month ago.  I'm so excited.  At one time Kristi was my best friend.  We worked together at a savings and loan.  We became instant friends.  I was divorced at the time and she was in the middle of one.  So all of the sudden we are both single/divorced together.  So we made a pack.  Who ever meets someone first would see if they had a friend for the other.  I met someone first.  Another best friend (okay here's the thing with me if we're friends we're best friends.  I have best friends in many cities and states depending where I have lived)  Anyway my friend in San Diego (we went to high school together and worked together for awhile) and her husband wanted to introduce me to a friend of theirs.  Her husband worked with him.  So we met and hit it off I thought for a few months.  Then it ended very quickly.  Have you ever gotten a "break up letter" delivered by FedEx?  So basically the letter says he doesn't want to see me anymore and he will call me on such and such night.  Don't you think the letter was enough?  I got the point. 
I sort of got off track didn't I?  So anyway Kristi was set up on a blind date with her husband Jim.  They hit it off so they decided to set me up with one of Jim's friends.   He and I were invited to Jim's house and Andy was going to cook dinner.  Nice huh?  I thought so.  He was very nice looking but when he started tossing noodles on the ceiling to see if they were done I decided he wasn't gonna work out for me and I certainly wasn't going to work for him.  So next they introduced me to this little short guy.  He was definitely out.  So then they introduce me to Mike.  Mike and I hit it off and we got married 2 months after Jim and Kristi got married. 
So anyway we're meeting in Vegas for a long weekend.  We'll be getting a great deal of chatting in, some shopping for sure and a little bit of gambling.  We aren't real excited about gambling anymore.  We've never won much of anything there.  We take a set amount to gamble with.  I like to save my for the needlework shop or quilt shop.  What ever I'm into at the time.  So now I'm off to look up needlework shops on the Internet so I can plan my shopping trip.

Have a great a weekend and either get some stitching in or get some shopping done!  Makes no difference as long as we're happy at what we chose!


  1. Hope you have a great weekend with your friends:)Great story about how you met your husband

  2. Glad you get to meet with such a good best friend

  3. It sounds like you have an amazing weekend ahead of you with great friends! Have a fantastic time!

  4. Enjoy the beautiful weather, and try not to gamble away all the stash money :) Just kidding, I hope you all have a wonderful time - Viva Las Vegas!