Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January UFO Report

 Sometime last year (September I think) I started stitching this chart. The chart is Autumn Cardinals #1903 by Imagnating.  I lost my place so finally gave up and put it away deciding to pick it back up this month.  Not a new years resolution because I don't make them any longer.

This is where I stopped today.  I'm not quite half finished.  Close I think.  I figure it will take me another month of stitching to finish it. I'll take it and have it framed when finished.  I also have 3 more charts that go with this one.  A spring, summer and winter chart.  All have birds and baskets.
This is my friends Chihuahua DeeDee. I'm watching her and the chi-weenie that we have both fostered.  The coke can is taped shut with dried beans or peas in it.  When the dogs get to barking I will shake the can to break there concentration.  I've also caught DeeDee sleeping in the pantry on a bag of plastic grocery bag tied shut.  She's pretty funny.
I was trying to put this final picture at the top as my second photo so you could see about where I began.  I actually didn't have any of the cardinal started. The little Chi in this picture is my first Belle!  She's a sweet little girl. . . . . .                            I'm also getting the yearly series of Santa's Village.  I cannot decide if I should stitch them all together as one picture or stitch them separate and finish them off as cubes.  I've only finished one cube but I sure like the way it turned out. So before I start that (I still need to buy fabric if I'm stitching them all together) I'll be thinking about it even longer.  I'm also doing the new Lizzie Kate series Jingle.  I'm going to stitch it as one picture.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .I hope we have a short winter this year.  The grey, gloomy, wet, cold weather is really getting to me this year.  Maybe because I know in 4 years we will be moving back to sunny California.  .  .  .  .  .  .  Hope you are all stitching and making great progress on your stitching projects.  Stay warm and safe.


  1. You have made a LOT of progress on the Cardinal Autumn Basket! I liked those charts years ago, but they have backstitching and I don't love that. But from your picture, I see that they look fine without... so I may get the charts I liked and stitch them on some of this aida fabric that is languishing in my stash! Looks great! Hugs!

    1. Maggee you'll need to do some backstitching on it. There are a bunch of 1/4 stitches but you could probably do them as full stitches and take are of the backstitching. I don't mind it!

  2. ooooo you have been busy and love your wee doggies too ... and speciality threads are all the rage now :) love mouse xxxxx