Monday, January 7, 2013

Its A New Year - 2013

I can remember thinking 2000 was a long way off and now its 2013!  Where has the time gone.  Well for one thing I know I'm 13 years older.  I have 3 additional grand kids.  I really can't complain!    First picture is the first start and finish of 2013.  Okay it was a very fast stitch but it still counts.  This year I have signed up for several monthly series.  Lizzie Kate is one.  The second is from Blue Ribbon.  And the 3rd is Santa's Village.  I can't remember the name of the Blue Ribbon  series or the designer of Santa's Village.  I notice from the many yahoo groups I'm on that many stitchers make a list of the things they want to stitch in the new year.  And some stitchers start 13 or more new things, one each for a set amount of days.  I would just have a mountain of starts.  I just stitch what appeals to me at the time.  My only real goal is to finish 2013 without a bunch of UFO!!!
While at my sisters and daughters over Christmas it was fun to see all the things I've stitched and quilted over the years and given to them as gifts.  I didn't get any pictures from my sister's house but I did get a few from my daughters.  This is a Santa I stitched in the 1990's.  Its stitched on 8 count fabric.  I actually have a couple pieces left from the 90's.  If she would send it back to me I would refinish it better.  It has been stored for quite a long time in a box though.
Heather, my daughter collects penguins.  But only the ones she can display at Christmas.  I stitched this for her personally.  I'm not sure if she was married at the time or not.  I think the Santa above was stitched and she took it when I didn't have it out.  I'm sure I wasn't happy with the way it was finished. 

This is another chart that I stitched back in the 1990's sometime.  I hae another one similar to this one or I stitched it twice which isn't very likely.

I was invited to join the 2013 Ornament SAL this year.  It will be fun stitching some ornaments again.  I did stitch several this year but didn't get them finished into ornaments yet.  Now if I could just figure out how to get this moved over to the right side of my blog page.
For Christmas every year its either held at my house or my sisters in California.  This year we went to her house.  What a trip that was.  Our normal day and a half trip took us 3 long days.  I couldn't figure out why Cal Trans kept closing the roads.  If these people lived in South Dakota they would be in big trouble. 


  1. I love the LK valentine a lovely first finish

  2. I remember when my daughter moved to her new house, and the first time I visited, I saw my stitching up on the walls! I had brought a piece too, which came out crooked in the frame... Oh well! It is up too! I saw the piece that I forgot to stitch a window on the lower right of the house... I saw a LK piece I did. All from a LONG time ago. Congrats on the first finish! I am close... Hugs!

  3. Love the Valentine piece, very nice. It was nice seeing your older pieces. I supppose we all would want to finish them better now. 8 count fabic, wow that is big.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches