Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Its been nearly a month since I've written.  The reason being I didn't have add a post in the box across the top of my header thingie.  I have no idea how I figured it out but I did.  Bad thing I won't remember. 

Anyway I'm still working on the 6 Fat Men (Lizzie Kate).  I'm stitching on the last chart.  I'm about 1/3 of the way finished with it.  I still have some additional snowflakes to stitch.  I've lost interest in it.  I really need to get it finished so I can move onto another project.  I signed up for and got the Lizzie Kate Summer Mystery.  I barely started part one and lost interest in it too.  Its so cute and I love it but just don't seem to want to work on it either.  For my next project I'm going to stitch a chart of a basket, cardnal, fall leaves and acorns.  I love acorns - I love fall.  Its my favorite season.

We got back last Friday from our week long camping trip in the new travel trailer.  We had a great time.  I took several things to do while we  were gone.  The first night I took all th DMC floss that I had not wound onto bobbins ad wound them.  I think there were way over 50.  The next 2 nights I crocheted 2 red potholders.  Next I'm going to machine embroidery some redwork on a few towels.  In June when my sister and I visited our cousin Helen in Missouri she gave us quilts from our great grandmother.  The trip before (4 years ago) she gave us potholders that she made.  So I wanted to make something and send to her.  Anyway back in track!  The rest of the time was to be spent on the 6 Fat Men.  I did stitch several nights but the light in the trailer wasn't very good for stitching at night.  I'll have to get a good light to keep in there for camping.

Today I was up before 7AM (that's real early for me)!  I had to be out the door by 7:30 to take my Chihuahua Belle to the vet in Mount vernon a 30 to 40 minute drive.  She is an awful barker and keeps everyone wound up so after some talking I decided to have her debarked.  She should be healed in a few days.  Its been very quiet here tonight.  She also lost 3 teeth.  She's resting on my lap and get to sleep with me tonight.

Tomorrow I head over to my nieces house to spend 2 days with her Mom my brothers wife.  We're going to cross stitch and visit.  We've never done that before because we live almost 2 hours apart.   My niece lives about 45 minutes from me.  My brother will b there and he'll cook our meals and take good care of us.  He's doing so repairs to their daughters house while they are on their honeymoon!

That's about it for now.  I'll have some pictures next time I post!  I think I said that last time.

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