Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Six Fat Men Update for 8-21-21 & Misc

The Six Fat Men are almost finished.  I have one last chart to stitch and a few snowflakes.  Then rinse it out and add the snowflake buttons.  I've used overdyed floss so I'm not sure if I should even let water hit it or not.  This is the first time I've used them.  So if anyone has any suggestions I'm open for them.  I'd hate to ruin this with the floss bleeding!

I took this picture a week ago.  Its a big woodpecker hanging off the bird feeder in the backyard.  Today when I was coming home from the deli downtown there was a little deer walking down our main street.  He finally heading down toward the water.   

And finally a picture of 3 of our Chi's laying on the back of the sofa!  They're so cute especially when they are good!  I think they were resting up after my company left.  Its a hard job barking at people that you see every single Wednesday!  I'm sure they'll never stop!

Hope everyone's fat men are coming along nicely.  That you've had a nice summer with you family and friends.  I'm not looking forward to the gloom of fall, winter and spring but I am looking forward to some fun fall stitching and getting out the fall decorations.

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  1. quick squeak here ... don't wash your work after you have used hand dyes or over dyed threads .... you will get bleeding ....... they do say you could rinse the threads before you stitched ... but unless you work is extremely dirty don't do it ok :)
    love mouse xxxx