Sunday, August 19, 2012

Finally...Our new travel trailer...

After over a year we have finally gotten our new travel trailer.  It took us a long time to decide what to buy as far a a travel trailer or a 5th wheel.  After all the discussions we decided on another travel trailer.  This is a picture of what we got but this on isn't ours.  It seems really huge and I hope my hubby is comfortable  towing it.  He says he's fine.  Its pretty cool inside.  Its set up as 2 rooms.  A bedroom and a kitchen, living room and dining area.  You can close a door between the living area and the bedroom and use the bathroom.  We looked at larger models but checked this one out for the fun of it and loved it when we went inside.  We went and talked about it over lunch and went back and purchased it.  Its got lots of upgrades that we wanted.  We'll be going on a shake down camping trip (2 or 3 days if we can get a camp site) over Labor Day weekend and then the following weekend we leave on our first camping trip.  Its the family camping trip that got cancelled in June for lack of interest.  My brother, sister and myself along with our spouses will be going to Oregon and meeting on the beach for at least 3 days camping together.  We may stay longer or camp along the way home.  We haven't gotten that far yet but we'll have a weeks vacation so we might as well enjoy our time camping.

I'll have a post for my 6 Fat Men SAL this week.  I did stitch last week but just didn't get around to taking a picture.  I've almost gotten the 5th chart done and then the long one of the bottom will be next and I'll be finished. 

When the 6 Fat Men are finished I'll be starting on a fall chart.  I'm not sure which one I will start but its down to a few choices.

Hope everyone had a great weekend doing what ever you did!


  1. You are going to love it! My husband and I just got one about a month a go and we haven't been home on a weekend yet! Its like taking your hotel room with you.

  2. How fun! We already have 2 camping trips planned for the next 2 weekends after we pick it up on Tuesday. Next year we already have 2 trips planned. It will be so nice to take the dogs with us and not have that expense anymore. Happy camping and stitching!

  3. Congratulations on your purchase! I hope your family gets many hours of enjoyment out of it :)

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