Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Visit to Portland

Can you believe I went to Portland for 3 and 1/2 days and didn't take a single picture?  It was a fast visit.  Didn't go to Acorns and Threads after all.  I did make it to Fabric Depot and couldn't find any thing to purchase.  Lots and lots of great fabric but didn't buy any.  I did send $2.49!  I bought a package of snowman carrot noses in assorted sizes.  Can't tell you how many times I'm needing or wanting a carrot nose.  I had to have those.  We did eat at lots of great places and I think that's probably where my cash went.  But I didn't gain anything which makes me very happy.   On Friday my daughter and I went to a luncheon for her at her friends house.  The beautiful homes in Portland are amazing!  I just love old homes.  On Saturday we headed to the Boy Scout camp to pick up my grandson Simon.  In the early evening we went to do an home visit for the rescue group that I am part of.  Great gal and she will be adopting one of the rescue Chihuahua's very soon.  She works for Evanger's (sp) pet food and has agreed to feed our foster dogs.  In the rescue we have over 70 Chihuahua/Chihuahua Mixes.  This is a real blessing for us.  My daughter has been house sitting for one of her best friends for the past 6 weeks.  In exchange for the house sitting my granddaughter Francis went to the east coast with Lei and her daughter Opal.  When we got back to Lei's house we had to rush her cat to the emergency vet.   Kitty took her last breathe on the counter as we unzipped the carrier.  My daughter has been fretting the last 2 weeks that the cat was going to die on her.  She and Lei talked and talked about the cats health but she didn't think it was necessary to take kitty to the vet yet. The cat has been sick all year.  Lei and Heather were just a mess at the vet (over the phone).  Heather couldn't handle the pressure of the cat passing while she was taking care of it and poor Lei couldn't grasp the fact that the cat had passed.  When we got home several hours later we had to tell Simon.  He's a sweet gentle soul who loves animals.  He cried and cried for hours and then "everything" starting flowing.  He was going to miss his boy scout troop to will his dog Bailey die too!  Sunday I was on the train at 2:30 heading back to my little Anacortes, Washington.  Its so quiet here.  I really miss living close to my kids and grand kids.  I've missed so much of their lives and they are all 4 pretty much teenagers now. 

Now we are getting ready for my sister in law and her husband Sal to visit on Saturday.  I have lots and lots to do before they get here.

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