Tuesday, July 24, 2012

6 Fat Men Update for July 23,2012

The fat men are finally coming along nicely.  I have 2 more charts to add and work in the box on the lower left which is a house.  I can finally see an end to this!   Not that I want this group to move on our separate ways but I noticed the other day that a local framing shop is having a summer sale and I would love to be able to go and get it framed there.  I'm hoping they do great work and they are affordable.  Of all the pictures I've posted I think this one really shows the real color of my fabric.  I can't wait to see Lizzie Kate's snow lady series. 
Hoping we can make it a SAL too!

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  1. The colour of fabric is lovely and you're doing great work on this - isn't it nice to see that the end product is getting so close to completion. It's been fun seeing everyones progress each week and a great motivator too.