Thursday, July 19, 2012

6 Fat Men SAL

Finally got some stitching done on my fat men.  I can see progress finally.  I have more stitching on the snowman with the pinkish coat, a few things on the bird house like to windows and some snowflakes.  I really don't care for stitching them.  The Let it Snow is close to being done.  I think I only have the scarf and about 3 lines of dark blue in the hat.  Oh and the face.  Several of these charts have little single cross stitches on them and I am thinking about adding single beads instead of the single cross stitches.  Whats everyone else going to do there?  Looks like I only have 2 more charts to add and them finish up.  At my pace its gonna be another 3 months but it will be worth it when finished.  I read on Lizzie Kate's blog that she is now working on 6 snow ladies.  That she is using the same floss colors so the 2 will match.  I guess I better try and remember where I got the fabric I'm working on so I can stitch the matching girls.  I love snowmen.  When my Christmas decorations are down the end of Christmas I put out the snowmen.  I have a nice size collection of snowmen.  Many are Jim Shore which were given to me as gifts.  I don't usually buy them for myself.  This year I'd like to make a mantel scarf with snowflakes on it for the winter.

Right now I am also working on the Lizzie Kate Summer Mystery.  I just got my package in the mail.  I wasn't happy with the fabric that came with it but I've decided to go ahead and stitch on it anyway and if I don't like it when I get a little bit done I can always frog it and start over.

Hoping everyone has plenty of time each day to get some stitching in. 


  1. Your Fat Men are looking good, Sandy. My mom has a huge snowman collection she puts out each winter. If I remember, I'll take a piccy for you and show it on my blog!! And maybe you could take pics of some of your snowmen too?

  2. I'd love to see a picture of your Mom's snowmen next winter and I will send you a picture of mine(post on my blog). I have that SAD (depression in the winter and winter in Washington State is between 8 and 9 months a year) so a lot of times I don't get much put out on the mantel but they are in a display thingie in my great room. We have a few of those recessed wall spots in that room. Two of the spots we put doors on for storage and the other one shelves for my snowmen. Hope you're having a good day today. My best friend has a really bad time with depression. Her's isn't from the weather/gloom but it doesn't help either. Its amazing how many people take anti depressants now days. I take 2! Oh, thank you for your nice complement on my snowmen!