Monday, April 8, 2013

Fall Basket & Misc.

 Thought I'd start out with this oddity from Easter.

I bought a carton of jumbo eggs at Walmart to make deviled eggs to go along with Easter dinner.
Boiled them as usual, peeled and starting cutting them in half.  I was surprised to see the first one.
I don't think I've ever had a double yoked eggs but as I cut them all in half I ended up with 4 from
the same carton.  We decided that this batch of eggs must have come from Eastern Washington with
the nuclear plant is.  Lately on the news they've been talking about some under ground tanks that
were leaking. Probably not!

Finally finished.  I picked it up from the framers on March 29th. I'm not as happy with the frame after it was framed. Well it'll have to work because I have 3 more to stitch and frame.  I just love this new framing shop.  One week is all they take.  Dropped it off on a Friday and picked it up the next. There will be no more Michael's for me. After getting oil on my last piece and all the other mishaps along with about 2 months to frame were done. 

 Yesterday we went to Burlington to pick up hubbies birthday present. He got a brand new Ipad. He's been trying to decide if he wants one or not for months if not over a year. He finally found a way to justify it. He's going to set it up for traveling with RV parks and easy places to get gas for the pickup. He's not a pacient man.  On our first trip he nearly took out a gas pump.  It was a little 2 pump station.  All the other trucks with travel trailer going our way were waiting their turn for the pump. My dear hubby couldn't stand sitting and waiting. I can't exactly remember how he did it but he almost took out the gs pump! Yikes! But anyway I took a couple of pictures of the river on the way home. I guess I deleted the one I wanted to post because I can't find it. Anyway you can see how high the water is. I haven't heard how close it is to cresting but it was high.
Thought I'd finish with a picture of part of the cousins. Evi on the left is my brother's granddaughter.  The other two are my sons girls. In the middle is the youngest Desi and her sister on the right Kenzie. I can't believe how fast these girls are growing up. My other 2 grand kids were with their folks at my sisters house in California.                                    


  1. I have only ever come across one double-yoke in all my life! Wow! You have a phenomenon!! I think that frame is fine for the piece. The outside lighter part reminds me of the basket weave... it's a good choice, IMHO! Get busy on those other three now! Ha!