Monday, November 19, 2012

Well Let's Try This a Second Time!!!

I can't believe I that I haven't posted in nearly a month.  I have been stitching some little charts and kits.  This is a free chart from one of the blogs I follow.  I can't remember how many I received but this is the only one I got stitched.  I think it was stitched with Weeks Dye Works "Noel" thread.  I still have no idea how to finish this one off  I think it will be about 5x7 inches when finished.

This little stitch was a little kit I bought last year.  I bought a few different ones and I really don't know why I bought them  I think I will finish this one off as a little pillow ornament.

 This is a Stoney Creek ornament that I purchased a few months ago.  They had a free pattern that I wanted and I didn't want to pay shipping on a little free pattern so I bought 3 kits and a couple patterns.  I think it would have been cheaper to just pay the shipping.
This is the other Stoney Creek Ornament kits.  They came with little tart pans. They'll be cute when finished.

This was a kit I got at
 I purchased two sweet snowmen.  They came with this pretty linen fabric and weeks Dye Works thread.  There was a piece of wool and 2 or 3 square buttons that were supposed to be appliqued to the center front and the buttons on top of that.  I'll put 3 tiny black buttons on the front before I finish it.  I thought the wool took away from the cute snowman.  I still have to stitch the second one.
And this is now a UFO!  Its a Dimensions kit.  The thread was just awful in it.  Full of lumps that seemed liked knots.  I had an awful time following the chart for the back stitching.  I was so darn careful when stitching it but it seemed to have tons of mistakes when I started to back stitching.  It will get finished one day or I will match the thread colors with DMC and restitch it.  Its a pretty chart.  Its to be finished as a bell pull and came with a metal hanger. 
When I get them all finished I'll post pictures again.  My husband took me to a Rusty Barn Quilt, Craft and Needlework Show last Friday.  The only stitcher there was Bobbie G.  She had lots of cute kits and leaflets which I bought several.  I also got 2 extras for my sister and sister in law's stockings. 
It seems that every year right before Thanksgiving we get a huge storm.  This year is no different.  One town in south west Washington got 7.5 inches of rain in 48 hours.  We have lots and lots of flooding around Western Washington.  I'm very fortunate to have a house that's located where it can't flood.  We are on a hill. 
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your friends and family.

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