Monday, April 30, 2012

Vegas - We're Home

Got home from Vegas about 6 hours ago.  Wow we had a blast!  Isn't it wonderful when you reconnect with old friends and its like you saw each other yesterday, nothing has changed you start right back where you left off.  We met up at our hotel and had dinner with Kristi and Jim's daughter Julie Ann and a couple of her friends.  Then we went and found a quiet place in the casino to talk.  Tip: If you don't go back to your hotel room you'll never find a quiet place to talk in a Las Vegas casino.  But we did find a place.  We talked until about 1AM.  The next morning we met up at their RV park and headed out for the day.  I wanted to go to Stitcher's Paradise.  Visiting with Jim and Kristi and Stitcher;s Paradise was the only things I wanted to do during the 4 day trip.  At first we couldn't find it even though it was still listed in the yellow pages on the Internet.  We finally found it and went inside.  It was already in the 90's but the guys decided to stay in the truck and talk while we went in.  I saw on line that this shop was rated as the best needlework shop in Las Vegas and I was not disappointed!  I bought mostly LNS charts that I hadn't seen yet, a bandbox pincushion  (I wonder if it has a chart inside?)  I didn't buy any threads but she had all the Crescent Colours threads.  The store was long and narrow.  She had one long wall filled with every kind of needlework thread you could ever want.  The small room with the linen and Aida's was also filled with threads.  I didn't see any cool scissors.  She had beautiful hand dyed linens and even Aida's.  I held off on the fabric because she sold it by the fat quarter and it was just to pricey to just purchase to have.  The ones I loved were $60.00 and $80.00 for a fat quarter.  I could get at least 2 good size charts stitched out of it or one really large one but I just couldn't justify the purchase.  Then we went and grabbed some lunch.  Went to the BassPro Shop.  Then went back to their RV for a little while and then headed down to the Strip to have dinner and some more chatting.  My husband who always takes lots of pictures took 2 of Kristi and I but they are still on the IPhone!  We also had a picture taken together at dinner.  It hasn't been scanned onto a thumb drive yet either.  We played a few slot machines and at  1AM we called it a night again.  The first night on the way to our room we stopped to play a couple slot machines.  My husband handed me $20.00 to play with and I stuck it in my pocket for Stitcher's Paradise.   As far as gambling goes I lost $7.00 gave my husband $10 of the $13. I had left and he won $70. on it and was so nice and offered it to me.  On Sunday we met at Jim and Kristi's RV for brunch at 11:00.  What a wonderful brunch.  Kristi was cooking for several hours.  We had fresh fruit, quiche, hash browns and scones.  Oh and we also had Mossa's(SP).  I told my friends before we left we were having Hermosa's for Sunday brunch.  When I told her I wanted another Hermosa she then told me they were the other.   So I asked is there any other drink called a Hermosa and no such luck.  So my friends here must think I cracked or they know I don't drink much.  After we cleaned up from brunch she got a few things ready for dinner that night.  They (we) were celebrating my husband's birthday which was a few weeks earlier.  Another great meal at the Hammer RV.  We stayed until 1AM chatting and planning another trip in the near future.  One the plane home I was so tired that I could keep my eyes open enough to look at my 2 new cross stitch magazines.  They are older (2006 and 2011) but they had some great charts in them.  I miss all the cross stitch magazines from the 1980'sw and 1990's.  I'm sure I've left out lots of things like the trip to the big outlet mall Sunday afternoon.
So its back to the real world so I'm off to bed!  Exhausted but so very happy!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Las Vegas ...

Here we come!  Tomorrow afternoon we fly to Vegas for 4 days to get to some warmth and sunshine.   Its suppose to be in the mid to high 80's while we're there.  We'll be meeting up with our friends who we just reconnected with about a month ago.  I'm so excited.  At one time Kristi was my best friend.  We worked together at a savings and loan.  We became instant friends.  I was divorced at the time and she was in the middle of one.  So all of the sudden we are both single/divorced together.  So we made a pack.  Who ever meets someone first would see if they had a friend for the other.  I met someone first.  Another best friend (okay here's the thing with me if we're friends we're best friends.  I have best friends in many cities and states depending where I have lived)  Anyway my friend in San Diego (we went to high school together and worked together for awhile) and her husband wanted to introduce me to a friend of theirs.  Her husband worked with him.  So we met and hit it off I thought for a few months.  Then it ended very quickly.  Have you ever gotten a "break up letter" delivered by FedEx?  So basically the letter says he doesn't want to see me anymore and he will call me on such and such night.  Don't you think the letter was enough?  I got the point. 
I sort of got off track didn't I?  So anyway Kristi was set up on a blind date with her husband Jim.  They hit it off so they decided to set me up with one of Jim's friends.   He and I were invited to Jim's house and Andy was going to cook dinner.  Nice huh?  I thought so.  He was very nice looking but when he started tossing noodles on the ceiling to see if they were done I decided he wasn't gonna work out for me and I certainly wasn't going to work for him.  So next they introduced me to this little short guy.  He was definitely out.  So then they introduce me to Mike.  Mike and I hit it off and we got married 2 months after Jim and Kristi got married. 
So anyway we're meeting in Vegas for a long weekend.  We'll be getting a great deal of chatting in, some shopping for sure and a little bit of gambling.  We aren't real excited about gambling anymore.  We've never won much of anything there.  We take a set amount to gamble with.  I like to save my for the needlework shop or quilt shop.  What ever I'm into at the time.  So now I'm off to look up needlework shops on the Internet so I can plan my shopping trip.

Have a great a weekend and either get some stitching in or get some shopping done!  Makes no difference as long as we're happy at what we chose!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

6 Fat Men SAL April 23, 2012 progress

Six Fat Men SAL-this is my progress from Monday's stitching (except I had to do it on Tuesday)  I had an appointment for a haircut and we do have to consider our beauty!  The snow drift on the left hand side had to be frogged when I got 2 rows from the green border and realized I had about 5 rows to go.  I really didn't want to frog that expensive Crescent Colours thread but I had no choice.  I bought all of the recommended hand dyed threads to stitch this series.  I have to say there are several colors that just don't show up any better than good old DMC.  I have about 1 good stitching length of the Whitewash and then I'll be going to my 2nd skein.  I only bought 3 thinking there was no way I would need the 5 that were recommended.  Went online to to order more tonight and I couldn't find it in stock.  RATS!!!  I'm having a hard time only stitching on this project once a week.  I was happy with my progress this week.  Next week I hope to finish this chart and get another one started.  I also need to finish the top with the last word Heart! 

Today I started a needle book from  They have a set of charts for a pin cushion, scissor holder, scissor finder and needle book.  I have so many needles in the bottom of my stitching box that I decided I really needed a book for them.  I have a couple of them but they aren't cross stitched so they just won't due.   Did I mention they were free downloads?

Hope you all have a great rest of the week and find lots of time to stitch.  We have a "big storm" coming in so it will be really nice to be in Las Vegas for a long weekend with some old friends.  They aren't really old we've just known them for a long time.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My 5 Chihuahua's...

I have to start by telling you all that someone wanted to see pictures of my 5 babies.  I apologize for not remembering who asked but here they are.  On the left are (front to back) Abbey Rose, Chloe, Belle and Milo.  On the right is Lacey.  She's a bit of a loner and wouldn't sit on the back of the sofa with the other 4.  These little dogs are very addictive.  I love each one of them but I have to admit I've got more than I can handle.  Having 5 dogs makes it very hard to travel unless you travel by travel trailer or 5th wheel.  These guys have more clothes than I do.  I volunteer for Chihuahua Rescue and Referral in Clear Lake, Washington.  We've fostered many Chi's over the last 4 years.  The foster Mom's are all teased because we normally adopt our first foster.  I can proudly say I didn't adopt a single one of my fosters but it was so close so many times.  But I did adopt someone else's foster.  The little black and tan Chi is Chloe and I did adopt her.  She was 3 pounds when we got her.  My husband feeds the "kids" and as you can see he over feeds some of them.  But she's still the cutest little thing.  I'm very fortunate in where my house sits on our lot.  We are back off the road so no one knows our business.  In the county I live in you can only have 3 dogs.  That includes dogs being fostered.  But you can have an additional 3 cats.  My husband and I are sure Chihuahua's are half dog/half cat so maybe we aren't over after all.  These guys seem to rule the roost most of the time.  Their barking has become a real hassle for us.  But luckily our neighbors can't hear them from the road or other houses around us.

Hope you all have a great day! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life's Crazy

One Sunday afternoon my 2 granddaughter's found their 80 something neighbor in the back yard dead. 
He killed himself.  The girls are pretty upset along with their Mom and I think my son is too.  He always acts tuff but I don't think anyone can be tough through a thing like this.  He was a very nice man, always talked to the girls, let them pick fruit from his garden.  We found out that he was taking one of those prescription drugs to stop smoking.  If you have someone using this type of medication please watch over them.  This is one of the side effects.  My son took that same drug quite a few years
ago and almost did the same thing.  His wife stopped him.  The doctors just tell you to stop taking it and
it will wear off.  That's just crap!  I think what ever this drug is, it needs to be taken off the market.

AND my husband came from work one day last week and said he was talking to his old boss and that
if he offered him "what he wanted" would I like to move to Texas.  I love Texas and said fine as long as
I have the option at retirement (3 1/2 years) that we can move back to the west coast.  Then he stopped talking about going and did he really want to move so close to retirement.  I thought I was off the hook and was some what relieved but a bit disappointed.  Today when I came home from town he let me know that his old boss has offered him what he wants and will have a job for him in about 6 months.
YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!  Not sure about this.  We have a large home and its full.  We need to do some painting inside and he's wanting to paint outside this summer too.  Oh my gosh I will have to sort out my crafts and pack a lot of stuff away.  Anyone live in Texas?  Are there any great needlework shops there?  Oh my this seems really crazy for a woman who is close to 60.  Changing doctors, getting a new drivers license,  new friends and moving so far away from my family.  It will be fine - right?  Did I mention hurricanes and tornado's?  I guess I'm going to be doing lots of research on where to live and such.  I'll be posting along with way and any suggestions would be appreciated.  And did I say it will be in Port Arthur?

Season's Baskets Lizzie Kate

Finished April 18, 2012
With Buttons Attached

The pictures above are after all the stitching was finished.
I took it back to the laundry room sink and partially filled the sink
and added a big teaspoon of Quilt Wash.  Rinsed it and took it to
my sewing room where I pressed it.  Then I went and added the
buttons.  I wasn't sure I liked them but my husband really liked the
buttons and said they added deminison so I sewed them on. 
Today I took it to Michael's with
my 60% +15% off coupon and left it to be framed.  My friend
JoAnn went with me and we picked the frame together.  I couldn't
believe that the frame we both picked was a reddish color.  I can't
explain the color but it's not red red.  I guess it's a brownish red.
It's going to look great.  Its suppose to be ready May 2nd.  I'll
post pictures again with its finished. 

Six Fat Men Lizzie Kate

If I could only figure out exactly how to this blog thing worked I think my posts would look better.  Monday was Lizzie Kate's 6 Fat Men SAL.  It looks like I got even less done this week.  When i explained the SAL to my husband he laughed and said I'd never get this thing finished.  Its so fun to work on and I hope pretty soon I can get more stitched each Monday.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wow I have 2 new followers!  Three if I count myself.  I was trying to follow someone else's blog and I wound up following myself.  And now I can't figure out how to un-follow myself! 

My friend and I went up to Bellingham, Washington today to check out a cross stitch/knitting shop.  Yikes it was just as bad as the shop where I live.  I really envy the gals who have a really nice shop in their areas.  We drove an hour plus to get there.  I'm thankful for the internet more everyday.  My friend decided that she wanted to try her hand at counted cross stitch.  She bought a kit.  I got a couple of small charts.  I went in with 2 colors of DMC on my list that I needed to have for the project I'm working on and she didn't even have those.  Actually she tried to get me to buy Anchor.  I refused because I don't want to change brands when working on a project.  I guess I'm worried about one not being as shiny as the other or one being duller than the other.  Same difference I guess.

Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Six Fat Men SAL

Here's my progress after our first stitching day.  It took me 4 hours to grid one fourth of the fabric!
FOUR hours!  And then I didn't start stitching in the correct place for using a grid.  But I get it now.
What a waste of time.  I could have gotten so much stitched if I hadn't decided to grid.  The good thing about it is that I get it now and will do it next time I do something large.  I don't think it was necessary once the lettering was stitched.  Its going to be really hard not to stitch on this except for Mondays.  Next Monday I plan on finishing up on the writing "Snowmen melt my heart" and then start stitching the design that goes below the word snowmen.  If you're stitching along I hope you got a lot of stitching done yesterday!

Here's the 3rd finish on the Lizzie Kate Baskets.  I have one more to go - Winter!  When I started with Spring I wasn't sure if I would frame each one separate or if I would do what you see!  So I went down a little bit.  I went down a lot once I  made my decision but then it was to late.  I was sweating needles while I stitched the last basket - Autumn.  I thought about how I could add a piece of cloth to the bottom without it being noticeable - ya right!  So once I finished the last one I stitched a basting line along my last pieces count.  I'm good!  I've got enough extra fabric to be able to have it framed.  I also got a coupon in the mail from Michael's for 60% plus another 15% off total framing.  So now I have to get this last chart stitched and then rinse it out and get it over to Mount Vernon before the coupon expires.  I have plenty of time.  I do have to make a trip to Mount Vernon to get 2 floss colors which I don't have.  Makes me nuts.  It happens no matter what "craft" you are crazy about; you never have what you need.  So I'll stitch what I can and run to town and get what I need.

Happy Stitching,  Sandy

Monday, April 9, 2012

Today is the first day of the 6 fat men (Lizzie Kate) SAL and I still don't have a fabric that I'm happy with.  I had one until this morning when I discovered I just can't see the squares.  Its 28 count Monaco?  Its nice and heavy but very tightly woven and it will just kill my eyes if I try to use it.  I've pulled out the last piece I ordered.  Its Misty Blue/Antique Blue and 16 count.  It reminds me of the Pacific Northwest where I live.  Kind of a grey blue.  To make the whole thing worse I can't find the blog where the SAL is posted.  What a day!

I'm also in a fog.  My mother in law is in the hospital.  She has been in and out 2 times in little over a week.  She is 86 with dementia.  She's been back in since last Thursday.  They aren't sure what she has but she is very congested and they are now thinking it is congestive heart failure.  She is so different than the kind of lady my own Mom was.  But it's still hard to see her in this shape.  Its hard on my husband as he was the baby and the only boy.  His Mom idolized him.  Now she doesn't even know who he is except on a really good day.  He can hardly look at her.  His older sister has checked out of it all and no one knows why.  I suspect that their Mom said something awful to her.  So that leaves his sister who is the middle child.  I'm a middle child and know exactly what she is going through.    Anyway we are prepared to leave for California at a moments notice now.  I finished up the taxes last week and we took all the Chihuahua's to the vet and got their shots all up to date.  I have made arrangements for the 2 smallest Chi's to stay with my best friend and the other 3 will go down with us and then be boarded.  The suitcase is packed again with the same clothes that we wore when we were down there 10 days ago but they are now clean again.  We have to be prepared for what ever may happen.  I'm not handling this limbo period very well.  I just don't know what to do with myself.

I'm sorry for such a gloomy post but I just needed to get it out.

If your in the 6 Fat Men SAL I hope your stitching today and getting lots done.  I'm sitting here looking
at that grey blue piece of 16 count aida and thinking "go for it"!